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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

2018: The Pledge

   I think that this year I will try to fulfill The Pledge. It's been a while since I even tried, but I'm going to go for it this year. What's the Pledge, you ask?

   I will paint more minis than I purchase and/or receive as gifts in 2018.

   That's a mighty bold statement for most gamers, and for me in particular because I am incredibly slow at painting.

   Pre-painted pieces count neither for nor against the Pledge.

   I will break this into three categories: miniatures, vehicles, and terrain. I am not going to track by scale - that gets too complicated. However, for the smaller scales, I will count a base in place of a figure. Essentially, a single playing piece worth.

   So, keep an eye on the Pledge Tracker I am putting in the sidebar. Let's see if I can stick to it!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Pugmire RPG

   At first glance, this game is a bit silly. I mean, you're an anthropomorphic dog, who wants to be "a good dog" and follow the Code of Man. 

   But we played for the first time on Thursday night, and it was surprisingly fun. As I can tell, the engine is a simplified and modified D&D 5E. I'm not very familiar with 5e, so not too sure about that. It is a very low crunch game, though, and a lot fluffier than many. 

   A lack of minis was part of the difficulty I think. We are all used to having a battlemat and minis out so everyone can tell at a glance how close things are. Made a few mistakes in how combat works - only movement provokes an attack of opportunity, for example, and there is no penalty for shooting into a melee.

   Although we didn't finish the adventure (I was DMing), I think the four players still had a lot of fun being their dogs. And that's really the point, isn't it?

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Happy Christmas... well, Boxing Day.


   And now, to the loot! My younger son, who is a mini me, has begun DMing his own friends in D&D 5E, so I bought him a  ton of the prepaint minis and some dungeon tiles from Paizo. He also got some Starfinder stuff to help with that, including the hard to find Incident at Absalom Station adventure... but that's his toys, not mine.

 Merry OGRE-mas!

  I received several boxed sets for OGRE, as well as four singles of the Combine "Minotaur" Howitzer, and a Cigar Box Battle Mat marked in large hexes... That's three more OGREs and sundry smaller vehicles to help pad out the forces.

Leather Bound Limited Edition Hardback of two MHI books

   I lost a lot of my books in the flooding of Harvey here in Houston. So my family is working on replacing them for me! Good family. I got several Larry Correia books, which are a lot of fun, and some David Eddings novels (the Belgariad, original editions in paperback, just like the ones I had before). My mom also pledged a custom "Book of the Month" for me - I just send her a title once a month and she orders it for me! Yay!

   I also got an expansion for SmashUp, which brings me very close to having all of the factions for that wacky game.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Brian Weathersby Reports on MillenniumCon Post Captain

IHMN at MillenniumCon XX

   The third game I participated in at the convention was the game I brought: In Her Majesty's Name. It's a Victorian Science Fiction skirmish/warband game. 

   I provided four factions: the Society of Thule, the Servants of Ra, Lord Curr's Incorrigibles, and the human Minions of Otto Maton. The mission in this game was simple: escape oncoming death. Having disturbed ancient secrets in the Sahara, a curse of flesh eating scarab swarms is chasing all of the factions. Their only hope is to make it to the river boats.

The village of Ruh Naway and the all important boats moored at the docks.

   In order to escape on a boat, a faction had to have control of it - there could be no members of a different faction aboard. Then, on the following Movement phase, it could leave - but not if anyone boarded that turn. Boats then moved up to 9" in a turn (just off the board was sufficient).

The setup.

Lord Curr veers his Incorrigibles away from the Society of Thule

The Society and the Servants mix it up on the right.
One of the Servants, Sairah the Assassin Queen, dashes far ahead of the rest.
Every cultist would lay down his life for Akhenaton.

Maton's Minions move in a disciplined group along the far left flank,
led by the quadcycle.

   The fellow who played the minions stuck strictly to the mission, and it paid off. He got every one of his forces onto the boat, gaining a game-winning 45 points (plus two kills).

In the village square, "Mad" Mick stands alone against the Jaegers and Todtruppen
of the Society of Thule.

   This is the first time I have managed to get the Todtruppen (zombie jaegers) on the field. They are fun, but slow. Mick was abandoned to his fate by the rest of the Incorrigibles.

The boats casting off. In the lead is Akhenaton.

   Note that one boat is missing: Sairah stole it by being first to the docks. This ensured that one team would not be able to escape. A clever strategy. As it turned out, the Society of Thule was doomed. Even more fun, the mummified priest used his power of the Path of Shadows (essentially a teleport spell) to board the boat after it launched.

   After the game ended, we had a bull session about how to improve the scenario. The best idea was to change the motivation of the Servants of Ra. The suggestion was to use them as a blocking force in the village, and reduce the number of boats to three - or maybe even just two. Most importantly, everyone said they had fun, which was the whole point.

   I want to give a special thanks to Jim Johnson for helping me out by bringing a few pieces of really nice terrain. A couple of those buildings are his, made by Crescent Root, and excellent pieces.