Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Team Yankee Game Photos

   I was cleaning out my phone's photos the other day and ran across these photos I took of a game of Team Yankee we played back in January of this year. It was fun, although the freedom-loving workers and peasants of the Glorious Soviet Union were not victorious in their attempts to spread their more enlightened socioeconomic system to the capitalist drones of the decadent West.

   Yep, I played the Russkis. I loved this book back in the 80s, and enjoyed the game a lot.

No capitalist artillery? Close order, Comrades! 

Blasted Americanski infantry!

Comrade! Abrams tanks coming out of the woods!

Conscript drivers cowering from American tanks?
The Commissars will have 'words' with them!

Luckily for the T-72s on the far end, Abrams tank guns don't 
penetrate through the first two dead Soviet tanks.

The Highway of Death

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Talk about a hiatus!

Almost six years later, and I still haven't done anything at all with these. How depressing.

Monday, April 17, 2017


And now for something completely different...

  This past Saturday we  had a jolly time slaughtering Westphalians. You see, the silly buggers had gone and let the wrong Bonaparte lead them.  They had Jerome and they needed Napoleon. At least, if they wanted to fight Bagration and his huge Russian hordes with all that lovely artillery.

   What is it with Russians and artillery? They're positively queer for the stuff.

   The scenario was that the Russians needed to crush the Westphalians before Marshal Davout could show up to save Jerome's bacon. We managed to do it, but I wasted an entire division positioning them off to the left to secure that flank in case the French arrived early. Luckily, they did not. Also, my usual abysmal dice rolling was absent. As far as that went, I felt like it was pretty statistically even, which is a major improvement over my usual luck.

Russian infantry advancing! We pretty well turned the Westphalian right flank.

My Russian 6-pdr batteries giving the Westphalians hell.

My left flank, waiting for the French.

Tom painted most if not all of these minis. He has thousands of Napoleonics,
and pretty much all of the armies represented.

All the terrain was done by Tom, too.

Action on the right!

Things are looking dicey for the Russians in the center, though...

   As the weather was very nice, we played on the back porch at Tom's. He even smoked some delicious chicken wings and drums, had a beer or two... all in all, a very enjoyable day.

   The rules we used were "Quelle Affaire," a set of rules that my friend Tom Lytle is working on developing. They're pretty nice, and fairly easy to pick up. We (Zach and I) made some comments as we played on adjustments that we thought would either speed play, simplify rules, or more accurately model how they fought. These were noted and may be included in  future versions.

Before I go, this just in: Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Skrak Terror Birds

   These are new from the Ion Age. I just learned of their existence. I almost regret having the Orb Bikes for my space viking scouting elements, as these are... amazing. Just too cool. Maligs (read: space goblins) on giant terror birds. Giant. Terror. Birds.

   Heck, I even like the paint scheme.

Skrak Terror Bird Cavalry - Available here.

   Now I am trying to figure out a 'good' reason to buy these. The temptation of free worldwide shipping until 24 April isn't helping me resist either. Any 'good' reasons you can think of to buy them? So far all I am coming up with is "cowboys on a farm planet that is being attacked." Of course, I would then need some alien 'cattle'...

   And, since Ion Age is selling these without riders as well, I can think up another use for them, one near and dear to my heart: Victorian Science Fiction. I was never thrilled by the Martian Empires mounts, a sort of long multilegged dinosaurian looking thing. These might do the trick, however. Maybe just a test buy, just to see if they will work with the riders I have.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Pathfinder Woes

   I am currently playing in a roleplaying game of Pathfinder, getting to be a simple player for the first time in, well, years. And I'm totally loving it. The group consists of six players and the GM, all male, ranging from ages about 25 to 45. They have had female players in the past, but currently none. I just joined about two months ago; we play each Tuesday night from 6 to midnight (kinda late for me...) at a local game store.

   Anyway, last night was a bad night for the party. We went up against a dragon not once, but twice (we thought we had escaped it). We made some poor tactical decisions and suffered for it. Long story short, one character was outright killed, and the rest of us were captured. Said capture led to some opportunity to roleplay being tough guys under torture as our captors tried to get information from us about the city they were heading towards to attack.

   I won't bore you with the details of my totally amazing and awesome character... oh, you want to hear about it? (Why can I practically see the eyes rolling?) Too bad, I'm really not going to do that. There is a guy who comes into the game store who has, on multiple occasions, told me and anyone else who can't escape all about this totally rad character he has, and she's completely legit, with statistics that are, essentially, impossible, which he claims to have worked out through taking the character through a series of game-to-game conversions. Let me just give you this tiny bit: she's amazingly beautiful, and totes a .50 caliber sniper rifle like a pistol, and can do magic, too. All of this in a typical medieval fantasy setting. He even has drawings of her. 

  Multiple drawings. In different although always tight/skimpy/both outfits.

   The only good that has come from this experience is that I have sworn off talking about any of my characters, current or past, ever again, except when it directly involves playing the game in the course of the game. Next time he tries, I'm just going to be dead rude to him, as we have all tried polite expressions of disinterest.