Monday, October 17, 2016

Marine Snipers

   Adding nightmares to the Japanese, I present the perfect engine of war: a Marine and his rifle. Scoped Springfield '03 rifles, to be precise. Very precise, actually. In Flames of War Pacific, a Marine rifle company can have up to three snipers. So here they are.

Sniper 2 (on the right) is based for a volcanic island beach landing, like Iwo Jima. 
That's real volcanic rock (from my garden) on that.

Closeup of Sniper 1, partially hidden in a clump of bamboo.

  You can't see in these pictures, but I used a mold from Happy Seppuku to impress fern leaves into the putty on the base of Sniper 1. They are the brighter green bits on the base. It looks pretty nice, but I might go back and hit it with a drop of ink to darken it and add extra depth to the base and highlight.

Sniper 3 is standing for his shot, rising out of the bamboo and grass like an avenging god of war...
Or something like that. I'd shoot from prone, myself.

   The 'bamboo' is just some plastic rod cut and painted with darker green rings to hint at segments. It looks okay and it's dead easy. 

What do you mean, "Flash Gordon Approaching?"

   I may need help with two of these. One is obviously Flash Gordon from the film of the same name, and another is just as obviously Doctor Emmett Brown from Back to the Future.

  I think the fellow on the left is supposed to maybe be John McClain, from Die Hard? And the fellow in the blue jeans looks an awful lot like Colonel Steve Austin, the Six Million Dollar Man, to me. But not in his famed red track suit.

  Any help?

  By the way, Crooked Dice has loads of really great looking figures for all your nostalgia gaming needs. I may have to place an order soon.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Terrain woes

   I'm realizing just how little terrain I have. Well, not so much terrain in general, as in the specific. I have a good bit of rivers, and some roads, a few trees, a few rock outcroppings... I'm doing okay with the generic stuff, but I have almost no buildings. In fact, the only sort of building that I do have in any sort of sufficient amount is 15mm Desert buildings. And honestly, I could use more of it, too. At least those can be used for both historical and sci-fi.

   I have one more 28mm Victorian building (a store) that needs assembly and paint, to go with the one that I currently have. For a total of two 28mm buildings. Total. Full stop. Well, that's not entirely accurate. I have a few huts as well, and one or two painted.

   I've been working on the 15mm sci-fi buildings and terrain a bit as well. I have some industrial stuff, a bit of security fencing (need to make more, but I can make a 12" square gated compound as it stands. I've got a couple of desert sci-fi buildings made by Bart "Smokey" Allen for me. I've made some headway on the hab domes from Ion Age, but need more pieces to make that a true compound. Right now, call it a scientific outpost. I have a growing collection of street scatter bits, too.

   I do have a couple of very nice ridgelines, one done up as jungle and one as desert. Perfect for Venus and Mars. And the custom made canals - though I really need to build a few bridges for those.

  So what do I need?

   Well, a good deal of Victorian 28mm stuff. That's good for both VSF games and Very British Civil War, if I ever get off my duff on that project. At least four more terraced houses, a warehouse, a factory, some more shops, and a train station. Maybe some sort of government building to represent a library, town hall, museum, or something of that sort. Oh, and a church. And some walls.

   Same in 15mm, except that I have a train station and a sawmill for that. I'm thinking a mix of Battlefront and Miniature Building Authority. It means putting in more 20th Century Euro than Victorian, though. But at least it comes ready to play, which seriously improves the odds that it hits a table soon.

   6mm isn't as vital. A few buildings as representational is probably going to have to do a lot, and the same for fleet scale stuff. Of course, I haven't much of either of those. And, typically, what I do have is unpainted and sitting on a shelf. Or in a cupboard.

   The goal is to be able to put at least a small town in each of the scales. I want some specific pieces for each, and there are a couple of different genres: desert, modern/sci-fi, fantasy, and historic/VSF.

   Sorry, this post is mostly a bit of mental calculations and considerations of what I have and need. But I figured all of you have probably faced the same predicaments. Maybe someone has a pointer or two for me?

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Marine Infantry - Gung Ho!

   I have a few stands of Marines finished as well. I'm mostly waiting to get my hands on bases to really start trying to crank out some motivated Marine infantry. As previously mentioned (I think), I am building a USMC Rifle Company for Flames of War Pacific. Most of the infantry figures will be Peter Pig - all of these are.

Captain Crow, Company Commander

You can barely see it in this shot, but the Medic's bag has a Red Cross emblem.
Also, that's one big radio the poor radioman is humping.

Forward Observers - Either calling for naval gunnery or a load of napalm...

F4U Corsair for Flames of War Pacific

   As I may have mentioned previously, I am working on a company of US Marines for the Flames of War Pacific rules. Marines need air cover, and it is ably supplied by the Vought F4U Corsair.

   I did a bit of research on paint jobs for the Corsair, and essentially there are three. I went with a sort of midwar version, the three-color. On top is a dark blue (I used Prussian Blue), with a thin intermediate blue color (Pale Grey Blue - too light, really) transition of irregular shape, and an underside of insignia white (Ivory). The engine cowling is yellow (Deep Yellow). All colors used are Vallejo Model Colors.

   I used decals for the national insignia and the aircraft number. You may note the lack of kill markers. It seems that the Navy and Marines by extension were much stricter about the personalization of an aircraft; also, it was unusual for a Navy or Marine pilot to have a single aircraft assigned to them. So personalization was even less common, and strictly forbidden by the Navy. I am painting mine as land based (hence the lack of tail markings which would denote the carrier from which the squadron operated) and therefore Marine Air Wing, not Naval Aviation.

   This particular Corsair isn't quite finished. I need to add the rockets under the wings. Historically, apparently they should be olive drab. But that would look like crap. So I think I am going to go with white rockets. It might be a bit anachronistic, but it will look better, and this is just toy soldiers, after all...