Thursday, March 2, 2017

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


   Hey everyone. I promised some photos, so here they are. I haven't done any serious painting this last week, just some finishing touches on a lot of things, but I took a few snaps of what's going on.

Company Command for Carlist Requetes in Spain in Flames

I wanted to add a Catholic priest to this base but never found a good one.
Any suggestions?

Joel, Crow, and Tom Servo
Need to finish Tom's glass bulb head and base them.
I should probably try to do a space station deck, huh?

Call Me Gungnir and SkullBot 2.0
Two re-programmed security bots now serving the star vikings.
Call Me Gungnir has the rune on his faceplate.

Khr'kk Mreowrth
Wow. I'm ready for my closeup Mister DeMille...
This is a Khurasan Felid Plasma Gunner. He's a renegade working with the star vikings, as indicated by the red helmet and armor plates.
Just needs a little grass and a clear coat.

The Republic of Wales Wishes You...

...a very happy St. David's Day!

   Oh, the Free Welsh project. Wow, is it languishing. Too many other things going on I suppose. There was some initial enthusiasm for Very British Civil War in 28mm amongst my friends but they all tapered off from it. I think I might still get one or two guys interested in it. I think Zach has a fair number of 28mm Condor Legion figures which we figured would work as a Fascist force in England as well as they did in Spain. The Fasco-Royalist oppressors invade our sacred Welsh homeland again! 

   One of the big sticking points is a lack of suitable terrain in house. What a shock, right? I have exactly one piece that would work, besides generic rivers, roads, and trees. Heck, most of my trees are really too small, especially the deciduous and conifers (as opposed to the palms, where I have a few really tall ones). So... I have a nasty suspicion the Free Welsh will languish further.