Thursday, April 3, 2008

New work started.

News of a new 25mm offensive by the Hun has prompted painting. A German officer, Count Hauptmann Otto von Sickle (Parroom Station) has been seen training Martian askaris (19 x RAFM Space 1889 Martian Sepoys). Her Majesty's government will certainly be watching this development with care, as we have no wish for those dastardly devils to interfere in our legitimate colonial entitlements! The very idea!

To that point, 20 miniatures of 25mm scale have been mounted on steel washers and primered white. A bit dull still for photographs, I think. These shall become red Martians in a wonderfully non-colonial-power-specific kharkee uniform. And, of course, a dashing, bald, monocled (aber naturalische!) Prussian junker to command them in dictatorial style. While I am enamored of the miniatures produced for the Space 1889 line, I am still not convinced of the ochre Martian. Perhaps if I ever get those boxes of High Martians, they may have the traditional ochre-hued skin.

Well, enjoy the polls. The uniform question ends soon, so vote quickly, chaps!

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