Friday, September 26, 2008

Reporting In

Good friends, i am sure you all thought that I was off on safari in the wild highlands of Venus, or perhaps the sleazy dives of Bongolesia.

No, far from those sites of grand adventure, I have been inundated with the everyday and recovery operations in the wake of the Republic's recent hurricane. Even now, I am forced to borrow access to a difference engine connected to the Webley-Errington-Bynes System of Interlocking Telephonic Engines (WEBSITE) rather than conducting my journaling from the comfort of my homestead.

Alas, if you have been following the progress of my Pledge Counter in the left hand margin, I am not making progress on my pile of lead. In fact, I haven't picked up a brush in three weeks. Virtually the only work that has been accomplished was the assembly and priming of two small vacu-form plastic terrain pieces (rivers, in this case) that were purchased last summer (2007) at Historicon. I would like to say some paint will be applied this weekend, but I seriously doubt it.

Perhaps - perhaps! - I will be inspired to work further on my Papal papers this weekend. That is more likely, as I have many distracting guests in the house currently, and I need more concentration for painting than for writing, plus the painting station is setup in a more public area of the house, whereas my writing engine is in my bedchambers, the last refuge of privacy remaining to me.

I am assured by the service people from the telephonic connection agency I subscribe to that my lines should be repaired as soon as Monday next. We shall see. I, for one, remain skeptical of their promises.

That is all for now, gentlemen. Please do keep checking in to see if any progress is made. I have come across many interesting projects that were set aside previously and would dearly love to return to at this time. It might just be the next entry in this journal.

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