Wednesday, December 3, 2008

[OOC] Adding to Eli's Lamentation

I was checking out Eli's blog I See Lead People ( today. I do that a lot. He's doing some interesting things.

Eli lamented the fact that he didn't get too much accomplished on his projects as he had hoped to do in the month of November. That got me to thinking (always a Bad Idea) about how much I had gotten done.

And by 'done,' I mean get 'em off the painting/converting table and into storage until its game time.

And I am whiffing. Batting 0.000. I got a good bit of parts of a few projects done, but actually finishing anything? Not that I can tell. The closest I came to that was realizing my heart just wasn't in Napoleonics right now and packing that stuff away until such time as it is. But that's not the same as 'done.'

I worked on deathrays, and got a few of them done. Now I only need about seven more, and I have to buy some minis to get there. It being Christmas time, I should probably wait and see what I get for Christmas before I go buying lead.

I started on a few Papal Infantry. Again, waiting for additional stocks of lead to arrive. I suppose the fact that I came up with a color scheme I like is something...

I started repainting some Seebattalion troops into Etherschiffetruppen. I got about four or five close to done. Out of 20. So, progress, but no completion!

I started a minor conversion of a Battleball (sci-fi football board game, Milton Bradley I think) figurine into a 25mm German Power Armor Assault Trooper with Experimental Handwavium Engine. Even sculpted the Handwavium port (think Iron Man movie, but on the back and green not blue) and have that glued on. Still got a ways to go.

Re-visited the whole rocket situation for the second Sentinel. Decided to use the skinny missiles, even though I am not super happy with them. I would really like to find some 25/28mm Hale's or even Congreve rockets.

Worked some more on the rivers terrain project, including creating a narrow ford. Still, nothing completed.

I really need to just sit down and finish something. Anything. I know it will make me feel better. Maybe I will get something done tomorrow, as I am taking the day off work (been feeling rather ill, actually, so maybe not).

Thanks for listening to me whine on. Maybe, if I get anything done this week, there will be a more interesting post.


Eli Arndt said...

Good take. Going over what you did do instead of what you didn't get done.


J Womack, Esq. said...

Yeah, I got some stuff worked on, but nothing is done, y'know?

Bugs the heck outta me.