Sunday, October 18, 2009

Diorama for school = Excuse to buy terrain toys

Good evening, friends. I would like to tell you about a wonderful thing: the 8th grade diorama.

You see, my son has a project due tomorrow for his Language Arts class. They read the book Uglies, and had a choice of projets to do in relation to the novel. Greyson chose a diorama based around a scene in the book. The scene: two teens making a very long jump on hoverboards (think flying skateboard) off a cliff to the roof of a secure building built halfway into a hillside.

Enter Daddy, with pink foam and hotwire cutter! We made a long cliff that will look smashing on Venus when the project is returned (if it is returned - it looks good and teachers always keep the nice ones). And a low hill to boot.

And best of all, Momma didn't complain about me buying foamboard and spray paint and such, because it was 'all for the school project.' Naturally, the scraps won't go to waste. I love it when a plan comes together.

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Eli Arndt said...

Cool prject! I have not heard of the book, but it is cool that he got to read what sounds like a fun book in school.

Perhaps this is what happens when our generation starts teaching?Heck, I finally realized I am finally older than some teachers.

My 10-yr old, Anna, got to make a board game in class. It's rough, but she has the basic framework for a playable game.