Saturday, December 26, 2009

Reginald's Regiments of Renown, Issue #4

The Warband of Slee-stak
(Ess’this R’sska Slee-stak)


Being both of alien origin and hostile intent, little is known of the origins of the great Gater warlord known as Slee-stak. Slee-stak and his barbaric horde of lizardmen first encountered humans when the German aethership KäF Das Vaterland sent down zeppelin-based scouting parties. One surveying party, which located the eventual site of the settlement of Neu Berlin in the Venusstadt Kolonie was attacked by the warband. Slee-stak’s attack was stalled by German firepower, although three German Ätherbattalion troops were slain in the fighting. The German surveyors retreated to the safety of their zeppelin launch and returned the following day with additional troops. There was no sign of the lizardmen, and the only remains of the three slain troopers were their well-gnawed bones.

Since that day, Slee-stak has become quite fond of man-flesh. He and the Kss’rssa Ess’thiss (Viper Warband) he leads raid all along the southern border of Venusstadt. Mounted on his huge carnosaur, Slee-stak runs down fleeing colonists and impales them on his massive bronze lance. The governor of the Venusstadt Kolonie has placed a 10,000 mark bounty on Slee-stak’s red scaled head.
One element of the warband, some gex archers of the primary green morph
Slee-stak himself, mounted on his favorite carnosaur.
(Photostat found in camera at site of attack)


Slee-stak’s warband seems to be divided into sub-groups based on color morphology. Most of his followers are of the smaller lizardman type, called 'gex' by humans. They are typically armed with either stone-tipped javelins or bows. A few of the bolder gex carry bronze weapons instead. In total, there are approximately forty gex following Slee-stak.

One group of about ten of the larger ‘gater’ type lizardmen also follows Slee-stak. They share his black and red color morphology, and are likely from the same hatching as their mighty warlord. Like most lizardmen, these gaters are armed primarily with primitive stone and wooden weapons, although they have also obtained some metal weapons.

Slee-stak himself is rarely seen on foot, preferring to stand out from the crowd of lesser warriors by riding the back of a vicious carnosaur. The carnosaur is nearly as dangerous as its master.

[Editor's Notes: I plan to use these fellows against both 15mm and 25mm foes. They're just a lot bigger and nastier when facing a 15mm human...]


Eli Arndt said...


Great tongue in cheek name.

Eli Arndt said...

I like concept of the independent raiding party and it's enigmatic leader. This conjures up images of Native American war parties in the Old West.