Thursday, September 16, 2010

Food and Gaming

The genesis of this post lies here: My New Favorite Cheese.

My friend Eli at I See Lead People mentioned having discovered a new cheese in the previously mentioned post. It got me thinking about eating and gaming. Both are (or at least can be, and are usually best as) social activities. And, in my experience at least, hardly a game goes by in which someone (usually me!) is not stuffing his, her or their face(s). We eat it all, from Twinkies to pizza to hummus. Yes, hummus. With garlic pita chips.

And then drinks, as well. Soda, water, beer or liquor - they have all made the rounds at our games as well. Anyone who gamed with me at Historicon knows about my back pocket lubricant (rum in a flask, and yes, I shared).

Heck, there is even a 'genre' or category of games we call "beer and pretzels" games. And then you have 'theme' game snacks: port for after a colonials game, for instance, or Twinkies for a zombie game (Zombieland, of course, Rule #32, I believe...).

So what, if anything is the point of all this? Nothing really. I was just commenting on some thoughts I had about eating and gaming. And hummus and rum.

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