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Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Age of Worms has Begun!

  So, we played a little D&D 3.5 last night...
  My buddy Jim has been living in Gulfport, MS, for the last two years since he was called to active duty by the Navy. Anyway, he finally got back home a couple of weeks ago, and he came over last night. To celebrate, we all (Jim, my sons and myself) played some D&D for the first time in, oh, a couple of years! being me, and that meaning disorganized, I didn't really have anything ready to play. I didn't want to go back to the Caves of Chaos again, even though they have never completely cleared those fabled caverns.

  Then I remembered that Dungeon magazine had, a few years back, created an entire campaign, and that I owned most of the issues already, including the all-important first issue with the adventure for 1st-3rd level characters! RESULT!

  The party consists of:
  • Wren Fredericsson, a Human Warmage, recently returned from his training at Tardath Moor, to his childhood home of Diamond Lake. He seeks the guidance of Allustan, the local wizard who helped him enter the Warmage school. Allustan arranges for him to band with other youngsters in an effort to explore one of the local cairns. [Jim]
  • Sarmek of Bronzewood (self-styled 'the Slayer'), a Human Ranger. Sarmek grew up in the Druid enclave in the Bronzewood, not far from Diamond Lake. He has been sent forth to find his place in the world; the Druid Elders arranged for him to act as a guide for a small party of adventurers. [Dane]
  • Degar Stoneface, a Dwarf Knight. Degar hails from Greysmere, the Dwarven stronghold nearest Diamond Lake. He was sent by the HoldKing, Hrogar Greysmere, to Diamond lake as part of his final training as a knight of the stronghold. His mission complete, Degar sought guidance from the head of the Greysmere delegation to Diamond Lake; the head delegate made arrangements for him to join with others through his friend, Allustan. [Greyson]
  • Norman the Interchangeable, a Human Cleric of Heironeous. Norman is the name for all young clerics at the Diamond Lake temple. At the urging of Allustan, the head of the temple has provided one of his lower level acolytes to support the effort to explore the Whispering Cairn.[NPC]
   After meeting at an abandoned mine manager's home near the Whispering Cairn, the party ventured into the mysterious cairn...


Eli Arndt said...

Sounds like an excellent start. Haven't done any family gaming in a while. I should try again soon. I have a new work schedule starting this month though and have talked to my kids and their friends to run a sort of juniors campaign on Sundays.

J Womack, Esq. said...

Things are going much moer smoothly now. Its been about two years, and the maturity level of my youngest son has really increased. That helps move the adventure along nicely. More on that in the next post, though...