Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Summer Convention Schedule 2011

June 10-12, Kenner LA

   Held in (well, technically, just outside of) New Orleans, this one is close enough to be very feasible for my good buddy Jim. We're even considering taking the train from Houston rather than driving or flying. It's a decent price, none of the airport hassles... and I have never done it before now. Ridden a train, that is. For real travel. As opposed to across town, or the Tube, or whatever. Sounds fun!

   First time to this convention, but some of the prior ones have looked promising. Not a for sure yet, but a strong contender.

July 7-10, Valley Forge, PA

   Well, I got a room. At the Scanticon. I have until June 5 to decide for sure now.  But I so want to go. I love Historicon. The vendor hall is so great! Plus, I have made a few pals there, whom I never see otherwise (a certain Masshole named Dave springs to mind, along with an OFM, and a mad Irishman named - surprise! - Patrick...).

   I'll be bringing my young 'uns with me, but the memsahib will most likely have to remain in Houston, earning a living and paying for all of our fun and toys. I keep trying to tell her how much more expensive it would be if I went to topless joints and had a deer lease, or a fishing boat, but she's still not entirely convinced. Jim's attendance would be nice, but unlikely.

   I am also thinking a trip to our nation's capital afterwards as part of the road trip home would be good. Not long enough to do it real justice (I could spend a week, easy, in the Smithsonian and the Archives), but hit the high points in a day or two and head back. My wife might be able to fly out for that, especially mid-week on Southwest.

   May have other travel plans for the summer (well, I do have some, but not gaming related - Palo Duro Canyon, here we come), but nothing is really set in stone yet. Thinking Seattle. Or Vancouver. Or maybe Europe for a week, if the money is available. I have time and a passport. Just need funds!

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