Saturday, August 6, 2011

VBCW Progress Report 1

   So here's a quick peek at what's going on with my VBCW forces. I started with my Cadet Defense Corps, a unit of young men from a public school supporting the Welsh Independence movement.

Mister Jones (student) and Mister Jones (school butler and Lewis gunner)

Mister Williams (student) and Headmaster Llewelyn

   The young men are led by their headmaster, Professor Llewelyn, wearing the old school tie. They get very valuable support in the field from Great War veteran Robert Jones, formerly Corporal Jones of the 23rd Royal Welch Fusiliers Regiment of Foot. He has acquired a tin hat and a Lewis gun from somewhere.

  Obviously, they're not quite done yet, but getting close. Hope to finish them off this week if I can find the time. I'm also painting a few vehicles up, including one for the VBCW project, my Rolls Royce Armoured Car.

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