Friday, June 21, 2013

In Her Majesty's Name: The Servants of Ra, Exposed!

  Okay, so I have got the bug for this game pretty hard. I just finished a few days ago with one of the Adventuring Companies designed specifically for the game, the Servants of Ra. Here's a gratuitous picture of Akhenaton, the Reincarnated Pharaoh. You can see the Mummified Priest's arm and a few of the cultists in the background.

   I also got to thinking about what figures that I already have that could be used in the game, and with my collection of bits and pieces of so many different VSF elements, that list got pretty full. I figure that I can also field the following companies, or will be able to do so soon:
  • Doctor Otto Maton's Mechanickal Menace - ready!
  • The Society of Thule
  • Lord Curr's Incorrigibles
  • British Rifle Company - ready to go!
  • German Seebattalion Company - also ready!
  • Scotland Yard - waiting on figures from Empire of the Dead Kickstarter...
  • Parthenon Club - a gentlemen's club, waiting on figures from EotD...
  • Legion Etrangere

   The only one of these that needs any figures purchased to complete it is the Legion Etrangere. I only have a couple of figures suitable for them.


Chuckaroobob said...

Got to got to got to have the Legion!

inhermajestysname said...

The Legion is an oft overlooked choice that does surprise people.
Good solid troops with serums that can turn them into super-soldiers, what's not to like? :D