Friday, October 11, 2013

Empire of the Dead: Requiem Kickstarter box received!

   And my goodness, there is a lot of really neat stuff in there. Just to list out what I received:

  • Lycaon Faction (8) - werewolves faction
  • Gentlemen's Club Faction (8) - upper crust human faction. Hunting monsters is jolly good fun, what?
  • Gentlemen with Guns (5) - more upper crust, with guns, special weapons, and stiff upper lips.
  • Bobbies (8) - armed with truncheons and grit. Will convert some truncheons to electric.
  • More Bobbies (8) - armed with revolvers, shotguns, Gatling gun and netgun. Includes Infernium hound. I love the Infernium hound like a fat kid loves cupcakes.
  • Nadezhda Durova, Kickstarter exclusive Vampire Slayer. Nice fig.
  • Tatu, female (Polynesian?)
  • The Jade Dragon, Chinese female. Definite keeper.
  • Aisha, Werewolf Huntress
  • Red, Daughter of the Goddess
  • Iron Head Ned. Ned Kelly. Gotta have.
  • Deathlocke Bones (undead Holmes)
  • The Bad Doctor (undead Watson)
  • White Rabbit
  • Tom Gaunt
  • The Specimen
  • Great Uncle Thulu. Awesome figure, possibly my favorite of the bunch.
  • Raphael
  • The Phantom
  • Her Majesty (God Bless Her) Queen Victoria, with a Gatling Gun. Already own an unarmed version of Her Majesty (God Bless Her).
  • Steam Cannon
  • Tesla Projector
  • Clockwork Butler
  • Lightning Jack
  • Additional Weapon Sprues
  • Token set for the game

   That would be a grand total of 56 new 28mm miniatures. Not all of which I am totally enamoured; some may find their way to the marketplace. With these, and all the IHMN minis still to finish, and two steam tanks needing finishing, and a set of plastic Zouaves still in the box... I have a LOT of 28mm VSF painting to do.

   In the future, I want to get The Brotherhood for my own faction. Plus the Order of the Dragon, I think, for another evil faction. Maybe a horde of Victorian zombies as well. Perhaps the Clickers - I quite like the flying one, in particular. Get the servants pack for civilian zombie chow. And the vehicles - in particular the Hansom cab. And the Omnibus. And the steam exo-skeleton. Maybe the Fire Engine.

   I was planning on using these bobbies with my IHMN forces, but they look too skinny to match up well. Not that they are bad figures; I quite like them, actually. But I may have to buy the Scotland Yard set for IHMN as well, now. Oh well... *grin*


Eli Arndt said...

Sounds like quite the haul. I'm about to get the Martian Front KS dumped on me in December. That's going to be a crap ton of 15mm stuff.

Terry Silverthorn said...

Congrat's! My order is likely still paddling over the pond. Looking forward to seeing them unfold

Michael Awdry said...

You lucky, lucky boy!