Wednesday, October 15, 2014

More Horror in Arkham

Fittingly for the month of Zomtober - um I mean, October - I've played two games of Arkham Horror in the past couple of weeks.

In both cases, the Elder God (Ithaqua and Nylarthotep, respectively) were thwarted.

  Ithaqua actually awoke, but Our Heroes managed to put his physical form in great distress, and he returned to the icy dimension from which he came. Nylarthotep, thankfully, never awoke.

Also, I keep meaning to obtain photos of the few zombies that I have painted in recent weeks. Only four of them, but I like 'em. I promise to keep trying to remember. Maybe one of them got my brains already and I just haven't noticed? That's possible. All to likely, even.

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