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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Welcome to 2016

Hi everyone! Happy New Year!

  Well, the holiday scramble is over. The gifts are all done. The travels all accomplished. It's been very busy and I haven't done a lot of game-related activity at all. Is this news to anyone out there?

  I did get a few nice toys at Christmas, specifically the Millennium Falcon and the Tantive IV for Star Wars: X-Wing, along with another A-Wing and another TIE Interceptor. A fair number of books (not really game related, however). For my best friend and my sons I purchased the Fantasy Grounds software, which I am still working at setting up on my end. This will allow us to play D&D online with one another, as we are geographically scattered.

  Just returned from yet another cruise. We like those a lot, we certainly do. Before I left, I did something drastic: I cleared off my painting table of all projects, completed and otherwise (mostly otherwise). I am going to do some re-evaluating and prioritizing here in the next week or so and consider the next step for this new year.

  One decision to be made is regarding the Lead Painters' League. I have participated for the past two seasons, and performed rather marginally, to tell the truth. I am seriously reconsidering my participation this year, as I know I have no realistic chance at even a top ten finish, and that discourages me from wanting to paint, I think.

  I need to decide which project to push forward with first, as well. I can either try to finish up a couple of more units for VBCW in 28mm (Republic of Wales) or try to complete my 15mm Spanish Civil War forces (Nationalist Carlist requetes). I've also got some Afrika Korps 15mm which I have just about determined to pay someone else to paint for me. But after a good start, the last four or five months of 2015 saw some fairly dismal painting results, both in quality and quantity.

  Continuation of The Aethergraph. Last year saw not one issue released, when I had hoped for at least three. Partly that was my not concentrating as much on Victorian Science Fiction gaming, but partly that was just the well running a bit dry creatively. I'm simply running out of ideas of my own to include in it. A few brave souls have aided me with some articles and I am very appreciative of that assistance. It even got a mention in a professional magazine (which was very cool). But the latest issue is languishing incomplete.

  I am expecting a game of Arkham Horror this week, which will be the first official game of the new year for me. Hopefully it will help stoke up my gaming fires.


Michael Awdry said...

Happy New Year, sounds as if you did rather well over Christmas - Tantive IV, you lucky chap.

J Womack, Esq. said...

Michael, I must say I was rather happy about that one. Sadly, I had to do some immediate repair work on unboxing. Seems some shift Corellian shipyard installed substandard mounting brackets on the underside of this particular corvette. Snapped off when I inserted the mounting pegs. No bother, really - it's not as if I don't have a few bottles of superglue laying about.