Saturday, April 23, 2016

Summer in the UK


My family and I will be returning to the UK again this summer. Booked airfare last night. Our itnerary is less focused than usual, as yet.

We will be in London on July 11-12. My son has a tour of a college campus (University of East London) that he is interested in attending.

We will be in Edinburgh from the 13-17 July. After that, Momma heads back to the US and the boys and I go... somewhere. Considering a day or two in Weymouth again, as it was lovely, and I'd like to see the Goddards again and stay in that lovely little hotel from last time. The owners were wonderful.

Also considering a visit to northern cities. Any suggestions? We will be there another week.

Finally, I would love to meet any gamers in the areas in which we visit. Just give a shout!


TamsinP said...

11 July is a Monday, which is one of the two weekly club nights for Central London Wargames Club. We meet at the Escape pub in Mornington Crescent (south end of Camden). You'd be very welcome to come along.

J Womack, Esq. said...

And it's at Mornington Crescent. Which set of rules do I need to follow in order to arrive in time?

Seriously, Tamsin, I would love to do that. What time do you begin? I will actually be arriving that morning, so I may be knackered from the flight. But a nice cool pint would undoubtedly be refreshing...

TamsinP said...

People start to get there about 6pm normally. I don't know what games will be on that night as they are usually arranged by email in the preceding week(s). Most games are one-on-one, but there are regular multi-player games - naval, WW1 aviation, Seven Years War.

Do you have any preferences? As there's plenty of time to plan, I'm sure we could sort out something.

The pub's kitchen is closed on Monday's but there's a reasonable chippy just around the corner.

J Womack, Esq. said...

I'll play pretty much anything, as you can tell from this blog I suppose! Probably something with which I am passingly familiar or is easy to pick up would be best.