Saturday, August 6, 2016

Felid Grav Bikes

    I've been a bit busy with my paint brushes lately. Over the next few days, I will share some photos. I thought I would start with a trio of grav bikes from Khurasan. These are 15mm Felids, a tigrid race, similar to the Kzin, I should think. This particular pack is the "Hostage Barons' Sons". I quite like them, don't you?

   The set also comes with an optional missile launcher instead of the twin gun. Well, it comes with one of them, at any rate. I'm considering picking up another pack to enlarge the squadron and field a pair of missile-armed grav bikes.

   I made new flight stands for them from a washer, some Milliput, and a bit of stiff steel wire.

   This is the Gruntz card I made up for them, using Barracks. Obviously, I hadn't finished painting them when I made the card, hence the lack of a photo. I'll correct that one of these days. I made the twin linked guns equivalent to a Full Auto Heavy Laser. The addition of the Peregrine Stabiliser Perk will insure that they always go in guns blazing.

   More photos soon!


Michael Awdry said...

Cracking work Sir.

Eli Arndt said...

Cool. Nice paint job.