Thursday, March 13, 2008

Landship Field Expedient Alterations

The Scot engineer in charge of repairing and reassembling HMLS Albert after its trip via ethership to Mars has been sacked.

The persons responsible for hiring him have been sacked.

We'd sack the persons responsible for the engineer's birth, but they are pre-deceased. So they avoid a well-deserved boot to the head. In addition to being sacked from whatever pathetic position they may have once held.

Albert has been further modified, on the basis of maintaining a balanced weight to both sides of the vehicle. The heavy fuel tanks for the flame projecting device on the port side of ht evehicle were causing Albert to develop a noticeable list. Perhaps the engineer never noticed it, him being a wee bit too fond of the creature, as my Irish nanny would have said. He listed a bit to port himself.

At any rate, the only solution proper English engineers could devise in a short time that was both economical and practical was to remove the starboard rifle and replace it with a flame projection device as well. Repairs are being made today; it is hoped that the Albert will finally be prepared for action by tomorrow.

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