Sunday, March 2, 2008

Repairs to the Landship

The landship, which you may remember was damaged by a drunken Scot, has nearly finished completion of repairs. The damaged weapon is being replaced by a new flamegun mounted in the port side sponson. This astounding new technology will sweep the port flank of the landhsip clear of any infantry with a sheet of burning gashant-oil.

Unfortunately, due to space limitations inside the landship, the fuel tanks were forced to be mounted outside the vehicle .

Also, the crew refused to enter the vehicle while that much flammable liquid was inside with them and a boiler.

On the plus side, if it gets hit, the burning liquid should remain on the outside of the vehicle, and may actually increase the boiler temperature, improving speed as the landship rushes to safety.

Photostats will be presented as soon as repairs are finished.

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