Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Photostats of the 1st Gonzales Foot

A small patrol of the 1st Gonzales Foot on Patrol. Note the native tent in the background. Careful search of the premises yielded no contraband, and the nomadic Martian family was left in peace.

Twenty minutes later, one member of the patrol, Private Ferdinand Schlinke was killed by sniper fire from the rocks.

Regimental Sergeant Major Cox accompanied this patrol at the request of Colonel Ernest Anderson. Anderson was concerned for the safety of the patrol and the relative inexperience of Lieutenant Harald Godwinson, nominally in command of the patrol.

Lieutenant Godwinson, pictured above, distinguished himself in the brief action against the sniper, receiving a serious wound to his left arm. He continued to direct his troops and himself moved across open territory, firing his revolver in order to draw the sniper's fire, and allowing Sharpshooter Rogelio Resendez to flank the sniper. One gunshot later, the sniper had been eliminated.

Upon returning to camp, Lieutenant Godwinson refused treatment until his men were cared for. RSM Cox's report to the colonel recommended no further 'babysitting' was needed for young Godwinson.

Additional photostats are now available of the Venusian primitives.

In the background can be seen 3 Platoon, C Co., the 42nd Highlanders (Black Watch). Apologies for the terrible photostat composition - it was rushed and straight off the workbench.

Finally, before I go, I want to wish a Very Happy Birthday to Susan, the lovely wife of my good friend Jim whom I mention on here frequently. She is exactly one day older than myself.

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