Monday, February 11, 2008

Some progress at last.

Feeling much better, if not quite tip-top shape, so I got a bit of work done about the workbench today. Took the day off, don't you know, had a million things to do: get one of hte little nippers off to the doctor, renew my license, a bit of light maintenance about the manor house, and so on. Gives one quite a feeling of accomplishment to do it one's self, rather than have the servants take care of it.

At any rate, there are now twenty Martian troops fully clothed. Their bits of brass harness are taken care of as well. Their breechclouts are a uniform dark blue in color. Actually, the fabric reminds me of Imperial German uniform blue, now that I think on it. Those damnable Prussians may be up to their usual tricks again. A bit more metalwork and some leatherwork, a touchup here and there, and these lads shall be ready for shading. Next weekend, I think.

The landship is progressing as well. More details on that when its finished. I do love to string an audience along, don't you know?

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