Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Texicans are Coming!


I am sure you will be utterly shocked to learn that I have begun another project, with one or two still unfinished projects on my workbench.

But I have. I am working on the first unit of ten Texican infantry, from the late 1800s. They are in the new 'butternut' uniforms that you and I would name 'kharkee.' You know, the same color our good Sikhs wear on the Northwest Frontier. Ah, Peshawar... What? Oh, never mind that. What happens in Peshawar, remains in Peshawar.

I was in a minor horseless coach accident again last night. For the second time in three weeks, some fool failed to control his own vehicle and plowed into mine, which was sitting at a complete stop. Twice, I say! Damned fools on the roads today. The children and I are fine, as was the driver of the other coach, a cargo vehicle of some kind. Fortunately, he was at least financially responsible enough to insure his inability to properly conduct his vehicle!

Enough for now. The lady of the house is calling and there are Things To Be Done. An update of the Pledge count is imminent - keep posted if you're of a mind to track progress liek I am this year.

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