Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Two projects done! (well, almost)

Greetings friends.

This journal is becoming something of a bore for many of you, I fear. But, in the hopes that some of you enjoy the "What I am Working On" nature of the journal, I shall continue. Perhaps in the near-ish future I will also add some more to the Publications area. I know that a few things have been modified since last I posted documents to that section. Maybe this weekend.

The Texicans are finished but for their protective clear coat. Twelve stout Republic of Texas lads, ready to march onto the table. I'll post photostats soon.

The first of the Venusians is ready as well. These fellows fight in both scales that I game in. They make HUGE Venusian lizardmen for the 15/18mm VSF and sort of small ones (if a bit heavily built) for the 25/28mm VSF. For these troops I used Games Workshop Skinks that I purchased already painted some months ago from a telephonic auction site that is quite the rage these days. A few touchups, some base work (very little) and there you have it: ten Venusian Lizardmen of the more primitive sort.

One tent for the Martian nomads has been prepared quite satisfactorily, and a second is in the works. Still waiting to get started on that second Johnny gun. Where does all the time go?

I have looked as well on a new telephonic auction site, http://www.wargamesmarket.com/. Please take a moment to check them out, as they are quite specific in supporting this daft hobby of ours. I've bid on a few things, though, so please don't take them from me! It would be terribly rude, don't you know? Not - perhaps - sabers at dawn, but certainly Something That Simply Isn't Done.

Also, I have been re-reading the novels of Mister H. G. Wells recently. My eldest son has a long-term assignment through the school to read several of an author's books and do a variety of reports and projects of sorts over the various novels. Greyson (the eldest lad, that is) chose Mr. Wells as his author. Other than that poppycock about tentacled Martians (Good Lord! Everyone knows Martians are red skinned humanoids! What nonsense and stuff!), I have quite thoroughly enjoyed the tales of Prendick, Moreau, Griffen and the rest.

Good rest to you all.

P.S. Jim, please wish Susan a 'Happy Birthday' for all of us if you read this tomorrow. I know Chan plans to call her tomorrow, but Dane is off to the dentist for a few extractions and fillings. She might get too wrapped up in that and forget to call.

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