Friday, February 15, 2008

Photostats at Last!

I greet you tonight with evidence of the progress on preparing Her Majesty's Prince Royal-class steam landship, HMS Albert.

As you can see, the Bertie as her crews call her has been painted in a blue not too dissimilar from the cavalry service. She also sports a St. George's Cross on one of her front armored panels.

Bertie's Scots engineers have added a larger St. Andrew's Cross to the roof panels as well. Unfortunately, they were a bit careless in the drunken celebration of their paint job and managed to damage the landship already. The starboard rifle was broken clean off at the swivel when Sergeant of Engineers David Abercrombie fell off the top of the vehicle and caught himself on the way to the hard packed dirt floor on the rifle barrel. Sapper Abercrombie has, of course, been reduced in rank for his negligence, and shall have his pay stopped until he can pay for a replacement weapon to be shipped from Earth.

More photostats shall be provided as work is completed on this mammoth scale project.

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