Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ah... Love is in the air...

Tomorrow being the Feast of St. Valentine and all, love and romance permeate the air. The memsahib has received her flowers thanks to the good folks at ProFlowers. Quite satisfied. And, gentlemen, we all know what that means for tonight, right?

Right! It means I get to do some work without hearing about how I never spend any time with her in the evenings! What else would it mean?

So, let us be thankful for this holiday of love, designed to prop up the revenues for greeting card, jewelry, flower and candy companies. Ah, the scent of money as all this red stuff makes them green. Not that I am opposed to profit, but let's just be honest about what we're doing.

I have nearly completed the Martian reinforcements, and then, lo and behold, I found an additional group of Guard infantry with Guns and a second cannon! Forgotten lead, always a good thing to find. The Pledge is holding well, and I will update my Pledge Log this weekend. Might even actually get a few 25/28mm minis done. I also found some Minifigs 25mm Scots taht I owe a friend of mine for something like two years now. (Sorry Jim!) Maybe I'll get them finished up in a week or two. That would be just in time for my 36th birthday celebration on the 28th of this month.

Alright, I admit its not the most entertaining of journal entries. The landship is coming, though. Photostats this weekend, I promise! Until next time, have a wonderful day tomorrow, and be sure to remind the lady in your life why you're the gentleman in hers.

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