Saturday, May 17, 2008

Second Battle of Ghola

Initial reports from the few survivors of the Second Battle of Ghola indicate it was a total bloodbath.

Virtually every member of the Emerald Legion assigned to aid in the defense of the village was slain. The local levy suffered severe casualties as well.

Her Majesty's forces were almost annihilated by French treachery in the closing stages of the battle, just as victory seemed sure. The only British soldier to survive was the pilot of ASA #27, Technical Sergeant Jock O'Lantern of the Royal ASA Regiment. He reported a few sepoys fleeing the scene, though none have reported back for duty.

The French colonial authorities report only that an incursion of British troops on French territory (Hah! Blackguards! Ghola clearly lies in British Crown Colony territory!) was pushed back by the Legion Extraterrestriale. Our agents in the French colony also report that a certain golden orb with religious significance has been sighted in the Palais d'Governeur.

More details will be spread as they are discovered.

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