Monday, May 26, 2008

Writing has Commenced...

I just finished today the first chapter in my VSF book. Champagne for all!

It is virtually the only work I have done in Victorian Science Fiction for the past week. Its only a 38 page (paperback pages; 19 letter) short story about the first adventurers to (briefly) enter the luminiferous aether in my timeline. British, naturally, as I am such an Anglophile, and Britain was the pre-eminent industrial power at the time of the launch in 1861.

It's good, I think, for a first go. I already have the idea for the second, longer story to be put in the book, which I envision as a compilation of short stories rather than a single tale. Of course, with a bit of work, it could all be tied together into one novel, I suppose.

I'll consider posting the story online here, for constructive critique, if there's a desire to read it. Ultimately, I hope to publish the collection, or at least parts of it, professionally. I'm always critical of my own writing though, so I am never sure if its worth submitting. Let me know if you think I should post it.

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