Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pledge Update, and On the Table

Just a quick update on the Pledge. I have added 14 15mm figures and 2 25mm figures. With the progeny absent next week, I hope to get a few more things completed.

In 15mm, on the table:
  • A mounted Martian Prince. I have a mount painted up, but I am not really pleased with it, so I may be re-working it. The Prince hisself is primed and ready for painting.
  • A German 'advisor' has made his way offworld and on-table. Up to no good, I am sure.
  • A mysterious Oriental woman, mad scientist and a well-dressed lady.
  • The last three of the 15mm British Regulars. Nothing like seeing red-jacketed Tommies marching along, spreading Her Majesty's Empire.
  • Some Napoleonics.
In 25/28mm:
  • Two Sentinels. A bit of converting still to be done and then re-paints.
  • My second Clockwork Soldier.
  • Finish Professor Otto Maton (Parroom Station's Automaton Master miniature)
  • The remaining members of the Research Platoon.
  • The first members of the German Secret Weapons Team
  • Some RAFM Martian Askaris/Sepoys/Colonial troops - they're having a sale right now, 40% off at on Space 1889.
One last mention - I went and checked out Dampfpannzerwagon's blog for the first time in ages. If you haven't been to it, go and check the Aeronef section of his blog. A link is available [on the left, on the LEFT!] to the main page of his blog. Brilliant stuff!

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