Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dinosaurs sighted!

Even more dinosaurs have been seen on Venus! A trio of triceratops has been acquired for Her Majesty's Zoological Gardens at Regent's Park. The Minister has decided not to transport any of the large carnivores to Earth, fearing what might happen if a T. Rex were to escape his enclosure!

Negotiations are taking place to locate a tribe of spear-armed lizardmen, of the smaller variety which many journalists have begun to label "Geckos" or just "Gex." (Old Skinks, actually) These fellows are deep in the bush, and have proven difficult to locate, but a new explorer has offered to lead me to some in exchange for various lead-based considerations. Wish me luck in this exchange!

In additional Venusian news, we have received additional samples of flora from the Jungle Planet. It seems adventure upon the Veiled Planet is just around the corner.

The painting table has been sitting without an occupant for many, many days. Almost no progress has been made since the last posting in this journal. Seems that every time I sit to paint (or compose an entry for the journal) I am immediately interrupted. Bother!

Finally tonight, the editor is in search of a single steam-powered spider manufactured by the Wyrd company. If any of our readers know where a single spider may be located, I would be most appreciative.

Until next time friends, remember to keep your cartridges in the rubberised canvas boxes while on Venus!

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