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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Historicon, Day Three

Okay, the last full day of Historicon was Saturday. And this report isn't posting until Tuesday. After yesterday's mammoth purchasing report, I thought it would be better to postpone this post another day. So why didn't I post it Sunday? Too busy traveling home. Anyway, on the the report...

I didn't get in a single game on Saturday. Both my games were cancelled (one a simple no-show). And I wasn't able to squeeze into anything that seemed interesting to me. So, no gaming for J. That made three games in a row cancelled, by the way, although I was able to get into a game Friday night to replace the cancelled one.

The boys played in two games: Destroy all Monsters (another Godzilla movie-monster game) and Ribbit! (GASLIGHT, using Eureka's new frogs and turtles, by Buck Surdu). In short, Destroy all Monsters stunk, and Ribbit! was awesome.

A blurry shot of the South American War Snail

Dane and another boy move the North American troops. Note the Self Propelled Gunturtle in the foreground.

A closeup of Dane's Heavy Frog Cavalry. Slaughtered to a frog by the War Snail!
Painted by Buck Surdu, I think. Minis by Eureka Miniatures.
Greyson and Dane at the start of RIBBIT!
A very cool German Flying contraption at a Pulp game I couldn't get into.
Lots of awesome pulp-y goodness in that one!
Lots more pictures in the new Photobucket Album I created, titled "Historicon 2009". Catchy title, innit? Check the sidebar for it!


Eli Arndt said...

It's too bad about your games getting canceled. I wonder if that is an issue at Historicon or not?

Are most of the games at the con scheduled participation games? Do they have open gaming?


J Womack, Esq. said...

Most of the games are scheduled, but there is plenty of open gaming as well, especially in the evening.