Monday, July 20, 2009

Home Again, Home Again

We arrived safely back home last night, but I was too tired from travelling to do much of anything, so I put all of this off until today.

The Haul

15 mm
4 x Scif Fi plants [QRF, SF-10]
1 x Zulu War British Supply Wagon w/ Driver and Oxen (painted) [Flea Market, but I think Old Glory]
6 x Horkuns [Splintered Light Minis]
4 x Lizard dogs [Splintered Light Minis, from the Lizardman Army deal]
8 x Pigs [East Riding Miniatures]
6 x Werewolves [ATH (?) - at Syr Hobbs booth]
1 x Wraith Golgoth [AT-43 Damocles set]
1 x Fire Toad [AT-43]
9 x UNA Steel Troopers [AT-43]
8 x Therian Storm Golems [AT_43]
5 x X-Squad with Jetpacks [Jeff Valent Studios, Great Rail Wars]
10 x Prussian Infantry [Parroom Station]
4 x Masked Minion Crew [Parroom Station]
1 x Smoke Launcher [Parroom Station]
7 x Russo-Turkish War Turks [Outpost Wargames Service]
11 x Colonial Japanese Infantry [Falcon Miniatures]
4 x Colonial Japanese Cavalry [Falcon Miniatures]
20 x Zulu War British (including officers) [Empress Miniatures]
2 x Zulu War British Rocket battery crew (including rocket launcher) [Empress Miniatures]
20 x ECW Pikemen, including command [Foundry]
2 x Owlbears [flea market]
1 x War Ape [Chainmail]
2 x Skeletal Dogs [Chainmail]
5 x Sailors [Paint N Take]
20 x High Martians [RAFM, for GDW Space 1889]
4 x Plastic Romans [Warlord giveaway]
2 x Plastic Napoleonic British Riflemen [Warlord Giveaway]
1 x Plastic ECW Firleock [Warlord giveaway]
1 x Dwarf Gyrocopter
3 x Space Marine [GW]
1 x Chaos Marine
1 x Skink
1 x Dead Sun gladiator
1 x Kzhag Ork
1 x Space pirate [?]
1 x Nepharite
1 x swordsman [Paint N take]
1 x Ork pirate
10 x Turtles (5 2-turtle sniper teams) [Eureka Miniatures]
20 x Frog Infantry, various sorts [Eureka Miniatures]
3 x Frog Cavalry [Eureka Miniatures]
1 x Frog Cannon (with 6 crew) [Eureka Miniatures]
1 x Mage Knight Mortar
1 x Mage knight Cannon
1 x Mage Knight Catapult

Plus a bunch of miscellaneous stuff that I won't detail here, but including terrain, some Napoleonic ships, dice, card games, etc., etc.

By my count, that's about 227 miniatures of various scales, if you include artillery pieces as seperate, but not mounts or vehicles. About 20 are already painted and ready for the table. The rest vary from bare lead/plastic to partially finished. And at least 7 (the Warlord giveaways) are probably not counting against the Pledge, as they were not bought and not planned. So only about 200 minis to add to the Pledge! Plus 60 or so more Old Glory 15mm colonials that arrived in the mail while I was out, a gift from a friend (THANKS DAN! YOU ROCK!). Oh, and all the frogs and turtles are my sons's, as are the Space Marines and some other things. So take another 40 away there, I suppose.

I better get painting...


Eli Arndt said...


The sound of me fainting.

"I had a wonderful dream about a lead mountain..."


J Womack, Esq. said...

I do love that new lead smell...

and so do the boys! Grey is badgering me to get him some paints like the ones he used at Paint n Take (Reaper Master Series) so he knows that his colors will match exactly. I'll post pictures of his frogs when they're done.

Eli Arndt said...

Grey sounds a lot like my oldest. Very precise and everything has to be just right. I just with the things she builds would last long enough for me to post them, but her little sister keeps wrecking them "on accident".

The little one is the one that has appeared in a few posts on my blog.