Monday, January 10, 2011

Thirty Years War Army Arrives

  So I got my Old Glory 15s order of Early Thirty Years War German Catholics in. Lotta lead for my $100, I have to say. It includes:
  • 3x Commanders
  • 2x BGs of Kurassiere
  • 1x BG of Bandellier Reiter
  • 1x BG of Crabaten (Croat Irreg. Cavalry)
  • 4x BGs of Infantry Regiments
  • 1x BG of Musketkompanien
  • 1x BG of Field Artillery
  • 1x BG of Schutzenkompanien
  • 1x BG of Heavy Artillery
  • 2x BG of Dragoner (dragoons)
  • Plus additional Armored Pikemen, so that I can make either Catholic League (Old Tercio) or Imperial (Late Tercio)
So, lots and lots of lead. Good stuff, huh? Now, just got to get it all painted.

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