Friday, January 7, 2011

Well, I survived. What did you get?

  London, that is. We had a great time, and I took lots of photos, especially in the museums. Heck, the buildings for the museums there are spectacular, much less the collections within them! I especially liked the National Army Museum, in which I was sadly NOT allowed to take photos. I suggest you visit yourself if you are ever in London and have a half a day to kill.

  One other thing I did gaming related in London was that I - quite by accident - ran into one of the good gentlemen responsible for A Very British Civil War. At the Imperial War Museum. WHile looking at the British Fascist Union uniforms they have there. I overheard him talking to his companion about it, and rudely (well, maybe not that rudely, but still) interjected myself into their conversation. Bad American Tourist, that's me. So that is kind of gaming related.

  So, the holiday season is once again behind us. Time to look back and reflect on the goodies we received. This year was astonishing: I got absolutely nothing gaming related. Not a single mini, rulebook, supplement, painting guide, history book, movie, die, paintbrush, model tree, or anything in my stocking this year. Not that I was naughty - except for neglecting my blogs for the last few months, and sorry about that! - just that we spent the family's holiday money on other things. Namely, traveling to London!

  I would love to hear about any cool new toys that you received over the holidays. After all, I have a birthday coming up in a few weeks...

  Tonight we have another installment of the Whispering Cairn on tap. Perhaps the intrepid adventuring team will finally penetrate into the True Tomb of the Wind Duke!

  Finally, I did get in a quick game of Battles by GASLIGHT over the holiday. I thought about doing an AAR, but to amke a long story short, the battle was a draw. We literally traded off killing units, etc. So the good news is, that it seemed to be a balanced scenario. The bad news is that neither of us could overcome our equality and do something clever. Might have been due to stress. Let's go with that for an excuse. Yeah, I like that...

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