Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 2012 Goals Update 2 - Final Week!

   Coming into the final week of the month, and things are not looking good for the finish line. Here's where I am at so far...

  1. Zulu Rebasing Goal: 100% DONE.
  2. FOW Indian Platoon Goal: About 55% done. Doubtful that I will finish No. 3 Section, but rest of the platoon I think will get done.
  3. 6mm VSF/Colonial British Goal: Call it about 60% done. 2 battalions done, 2 battalions about half painted, but still need basing, shading, etc. Probable to finish.
  4. VBCW British Regulars Goal: 25% done. Most of the figures have their uniforms blocked in, and flesh. Lots of painting still to do on them. Little to no progress on these. Highly doubtful I will finish this month.
   So that's where I am, with only 4 days to go, and most of them weekdays.

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