Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May Goals

   I suppose I ought to start with a wrap-up of last month. I did finish the Indian Rifle Platoon, as expected. I also painted a 25mm building for VSF on Venus. Still incomplete are the Welsh Regulars for VBCW, and the Empire Great Cannon's gunners. Have not started the Indian Machinegun Platoon. Which brings us to the May Goals:
  • MG Platoon Goal: 15mm Indian Machinegun Platoon for FOW.
  • Great Cannon Crew Goal: Finish these two buggers.
  • Free Taffy Goal: Finish these ten sods, too.
  • 6mm French Walker Goal: Epic GW Eldar War walkers, x4. (new!)
  • 6mm British Walker Goal: Epic GW Imperial Guard Sentinels, x5 (new!)
  • 6mm Rocket Goal: Epic GW Pulsa Rokkits, x2 (new!)
  My friend Zach bought me some toys when he was on vacation - a lot of GW Epic stuff. I will be using this as support weapons for my 6mm VSF forces. It will even be the start of the 6mm French, for which I have no infantry, cavalry, or guns. Oh well, I can always order some later, right?

   Not a lot of new stuff, and what there is should be fairly easy, but I want to get those 28mm figures DONE this month. Maybe I'll snap some WIP shots and post them. If that's all that gets completed, I will be happy. Happy-ish, at any rate.

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