Monday, May 21, 2012

Some Photos from 5/19

   These photos were taken at our monthly club gathering on 19 May 2012. We had some new folks show up, which was nice: Daniel, from the UK and newly arrived in Houston, with his wife, Tatiana, and Mike, a visitor from Baton Rouge. We had two games of FOW and one of Warrior (Ancients).

   My son Dane helped out with the Soviet side in one of the FOW games. So that is where I got the most photos. Sue me.

The Field: Soviets vs. Germans

The Soviet Wave attacks!

Ivan's flamethrowers destroy Hitlerite PaK 40s and infantry

Za Stalina! The Soviets take the hill...

A devastating counterattack ends with a dead Tiger, and
Ivan driven back off the hill with severe losses.

   The Warrior Ancients was more of a learning experience, getting familiar with the rules, than an actual game. But the figures were real purty...

Gerald's Arabs

More of Gerald's Arab horsemen

Byzantine cavalry

Left to Right: Dane, Tom, Jaden, Cody, Gerald, and John

    The other FOW game: a British night attack against a German-held town.

The British line prepares to push off.

British advance across cornfields

Nice half-track and crew - taking cover from British fire

Another crowd shot.
  We meet on third Saturdays and fifth Saturdays when they happen. Usually. If you're in the Houston area, and want to play something historical, let me know.

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Michael Awdry said...

Some great looking games and a wonderful day out.