Wednesday, June 27, 2012

CDC: 1st Caernarfon Fusiliers Mobilized

Caernarfon -- Formerly a Territorial Army battalion of the British Army, the 1st Caernarfon Fusiliers have been mobilized (at last!) in defense of the Republic of Wales. 

   A military parade was held through the streets of the capital, ending in the Lower Ward of the castle. The commissioning ceremony culminated with the presentation of the regimental colours to Colonel William Jones (Officer Commanding) by Provisional President Saunders.

   Army officials have promised that as production permits, the 1st Caernarfon will receive helmets and additional support weapons, which are currently lagging in availability. Rifles and uniforms were those of the former TA battalion, suitably modified for current use until replacements come available.

[Editor's Note: Finally! Ten stout Welsh lads to fight the Fascists, Communists, and anyone who would reign over a free Wales! These were something of a chore to paint, though the paint jobs are not really complicated. I just find all that khaki (well, Vallejo English Uniform, mainly) excessively boring to paint. Now I just need to get some officers, a Maxim and a Lewis gun if possible. This is the second finished ten man unit  for my Welsh force.]

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