Monday, June 4, 2012

End of May Review

   In short, May was a horrible month for painting. Too many guests, too much work, etc., etc. The excuses abound. But the fact is I only sat down at the table for about three hours in the entire month. Here's the official tally:

  • MG Platoon Goal: 15mm Indian Machinegun Platoon for FOW. Primed only.
  • Great Cannon Crew Goal: Finish these two buggers. Untouched
  • Free Taffy Goal: Finish these ten sods, too. 90% complete. A few touchups and basing.
  • 6mm French Walker Goal: Epic GW Eldar War walkers, x4. (new!) Still in packing
  • 6mm British Walker Goal: Epic GW Imperial Guard Sentinels, x5 (new!) Still in packing
  • 6mm Rocket Goal: Epic GW Pulsa Rokkits, x2 (new!) Still in packing
  In addition, I started work on a 25mm scout aeronef from Ironclad Miniatures. You can find out more about that on Victoria's Boys in Red. Finally, I did work on a random piece, just sitting there looking for some work to be done. It was a GW Epic Squat Overlord airship. Well, I suppose it still is one, just with some fresh paint and a new purpose: to serve l'Empereur. Yes, a French airship for 6mm VSF. It is actually quite small, but heavily armed for its size, with six field guns, a few Mitrailleuse, and an assortment of bombs.

6mm French Armoured Zeppelin

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ColKillgore said...

That is what I like to see, models doing double duty for multiple games.