Saturday, January 19, 2013

Situation Normal - My Side Lost

   Title says it all, really. We played a big game of Flames of War today, with four companies on each side, set in North Africa. The Axis side consisted of two companies of Deutsche Afrika Korps, and one company each of Italians and Vichy French (dirty collaborators!). The valiant Allied side consisted of three British companies and one Yank armoured motor company.

The Allied line...

...and the Axis onslaught.

   Personally, I led a light armoured squadron on the left flank against a load of Jerry panzers. My Crusaders did well enough in the first two turns, eliminating one platoon of Panzer IIIs and knocking out a fourth, while artillery helped to destroy the German 2iC's tank and a sixth Panzer from a third platoon. By the third turn's end, however, Jerry had managed to range in and wreak terrible havoc on my tanks. Those damned 88s! My company commander copped it, as did poor Percy, his 2iC, as well as three additional Grant tanks. After dropping artillery bombardment on my four Bailed Out Crusaders, those platoons retreated, forcing a company morale test. With no OC, that was an automatic fail, and the Indian infantry and eight (eight!) 25-pdrs fled the field.

   Ah well, I had a good time, and the Indians finally saw some combat duty. They really didn't get much chance to shine, in the tank battle that developed on our flank, but they were on the table, by God!

A small platoon of Indian infantry arrive around an objective.

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