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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Warmachine and Car Wars Update, Part 2

   Okay, update time - with pictures! We'll start with the Car Wars cars. They are mounted on some gray-sprayed Litko wooden bases, measuring 1.5" x 3" x 3mm. This is triple the size of a standard counter, so all distances in the game are tripled as well. I even have two triple-sized turn keys.

'71 Hemi 'Cuda
Note the twin MGs protruding low. 
Also has a discharger of some sort in the rear (minedropper?).

The Mach 5
No weapons. No top armor. But fast? Oh, heck yeah!
I plan to use it as a NPC car, more mobile target and distraction than anything else.

The Blue Viper
A Hot Wheels fantasy car. Greyson loves it.
No overt weapons, but rockets are concealed in the fenders.

  And now, we move to Warmachine. I already related how Zach (he corrected me) conned me into getting involved in a new game by cleverly giving me models for it. Here is the first one, nearly finished, a Cygnar Lancer. Of course, the base is unfinished for now, but I am reasonably pleased with the paint job.

Glowing Vortex coil (or whatever it is called) on the carapace.

Can you see the fire glowing in the grate?

Big pig sticker.

   The Dodge Demon is almost done - just waiting for paint to dry thoroughly before I apply the gloss coat to the turret. Also, the heavy warjack that came with the set (don't know the name for certain, still new to the game) is almost done. The last light warjack is only about 40% done, maybe, and the warcaster is still bare plastic. Still, a good jump on the project.

  Finally, I bought a few toys today. Three painted 15mm Grants for FOW, another platoon of Indian infantry, four India Pattern Carriers, a subscription to's North Africa company builder, a 2-pdr portee, and a set of templates for Warmachine. Ouch.


Michael Awdry said...

I say, that Warmachie beasty is a bit good!

Chuckaroobob said...

That 'Cuda is a '71.

I gotta start painting Wasrmachine again. And play like I've got a pair.

J Womack, Esq. said...

Michael: Thanks! I liked it for my first attempt at Warmachine. I mostly followed the cover art of the box set.

Chuck: Right you are. Entry edited appropriately.