Sunday, February 3, 2013

Warmachine Update #3


   I guess that sort of says it all, huh? The Battlegroup box's Warjacks are done: painted, based and sealed. I still have to finish up the Warcaster, but he is coming along well. Here are a few pictures of the finished 'jacks.
Cygnar Charger
I bored out the barrels with a small drill.

Cygnar Ironclad
The Heavy. The shading on the top of the carapace looks better in person.

Another shot of the Charger.

Cygnar Lancer
Finished shot, with basing done.

   Tomorrow I will show you the newest of the Car Wars cars finished, the '68 Dodge Demon. And, later this week, I have some Flames of War Indians that are just about done to show off, plus one of the three Grant tanks.

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