Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Company Command from India

3/2nd Punjab
Company B Command

   Since my gaming group is looking at some desert Flames of War in the near future, I thought I needed to get on the ball with my 4th Indian Division troops. I bought another platoon of infantry, which I have cleaned up, mounted on popsicle sticks, and primed black. I also purchased some additional India Pattern Carriers, bringing my total of those to six, and a trio of Grant tanks. These I bought painted from eBay.

An India Pattern Carrier of the 3rd Indian Motor Brigade

   However, I already had a company command blister, so I have been working on them. Not many bases, of course, just the Company Commander, the 2iC, and a pair of Blacker Bombards, sort of a giant PIAT or spigot mortar. Except for a bit of touch up and some basing left to be added, here they are...

The Blacker Bombard

The Pukka Sahib, Major Terence Oswald-Thorpe, OC
Also, Subedar-Major Bahadur and Sergeant Singh

Captain Harold Hadrada, 2iC

An actual Blacker Bombard, manned by Home Guard

One of the trio of Grants I purchased.
Needs some basing to match my others.

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Chuckaroobob said...

The Bombard looks soooooooooooo funky! Good luck kicking the huns in the teeth!