Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Store Report: Tier One Games

FM 517, Dickinson, TX

   If you are familiar with the South Houston gaming scene, Tier One Games is located in the same place that Predator Games once occupied.

   If you are a card gamer, this may be your place. Lots of Magic and Yugioh. There were a few Warhammer 40K players in the store as well. Minis-wise, they had about a dozen box sets of 40K, and that was all.

   One thing I did like about the store was that the windows were not totally covered, so light and curious passers-by could see in.

   At that point, I run out of positives. The space is small and cramped. They have a lot of folding tables set up for card games. They had a fairly large crowd for a Sunday evening, but none of them were aware that a convention was going on in Houston over the weekend. Many could have used a closer relationship with soap and hot water. The store smelled bad.

   I was hoping for the change to create a new FLGS for me, as they are only a five minute drive for me. However, I won't be going back, at least not until the store changes hands again.


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