Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Warmachine Update # 4 Plus Handgunners

   I managed to finish a few things tonight: the Cygnar Warcaster and a unit of twelve Empire handgunners from Talabheim. The handgunners have been languishing on my painting table for several months now - maybe even a year. So I am glad to be done with them. The warcaster also finished off the starter box of Cygnar models that Zach gave to me. Early, no less! I had promised to try and have them done by the end of March, and here it is with a week left to go in February. Miracles never cease.

   Enjoy the photos, and, as always, any tips or comments are appreciated.

Cygnar Warcaster - Don't recall the character name, honestly.

A view of his Steam-Magic Armour Powerplant

Command Group (Flute and Standard)
These are added when not using the unit as a detachment.

The "Violent" Violet Regiment

A Sharpshooter takes deadly aim...

   I think the handgunners will normally serve as a detachment, but I wanted to be able to field them effectively as an independent unit, hence the standard bearer and musician.

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