Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dystopian Wars Sea Mat, Attempt #1

   The following picture is of a piece of cloth that I purchased and dyed, hoping to create a useful sea mat for Dystopian Wars. The color of the lighter blue does not show up well - it was originally white with blue zebra stripes. I think it is too busy, so it may be back to the drawing board, with $18 worth of materials down the drain.

   Anyone have any ideas how to tone it down? Should I hit it with some spray paint or something? Or is this one chalked up to experience and start over?

   Have any of you created a good sea mat yourself? I want some wave pattern in it, smooth finish, not rough canvas weave, felt, or flannel. Any tips for me?


GJD said...

Try it with a darker blue, maybe, or try bleaching it down to take some of the colour out of the dark parts? I think the pattern looks good, but the contrast is too high.

I picked up an old pub curtain in blue velvet (or maybe velvet effect) which looks very effective :

J Womack, Esq. said...

A darker blue might help.