Sunday, September 8, 2013

More painting finished...

  I know that you have all been awaiting this post with bated breath (not baited, right? That would smell fishy, I think... anyway, sorry about the ADD kicking in there). More painted stuff! Yay!

  I finished up some more Nordlander spearmen, so I took a picture of the unit so far. I just need to paint up three more spearmen and the champion, and they are all currently on the table.

   I also finished two more Combine Ogres, a Mk. I and a Mk. II. The Mk. I was manufactured in the Houston autofac. The Mk. II is out of the autofac near Mexico City, in Toluca. It's designation BTOL led to the nickname "Beetle."


BTUL-69-II-2, aka "Beetle 2"

"Beetle 2", a Mk. II Ogre.

   SOme more assistance for my fledgling Cygnar Warmachine army. This is a Squire, a very special and really helpful little warjack, although useless in a fight.

   Last of all, a couple of figures for the Lord Curr's Incorrigibles Company for the VSF skirmish game In Her Majesty's Name. These will go along with Mohan Singh, whom I introduced a few days ago.

"Mad Mick" McFarlane

Sam Warburton, 'ard 'un.

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