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Friday, November 22, 2013

An OGRE has Been Sighted!

   Yesterday, from about 1600 to 1640 hours, a Combine Ogre Mk. III thrashed a Paneuro armored battalion. It was AWESOME, even though I lost to my 14-year-old son.

Opening Setup

Yes, that is a platoon of infantry under the Ogre.
It is smaller now than it was before the Ogre ran it over.

   Lesson One: Bring more howitzers, and shoot at the treads. I only had one howitzer, and I didn't hit his treads with it except for one time. I did slow him down, though.

   Lesson Two: Take out the Primary Battery first. Secondaries don't have much range, missiles are limited in number, and AP can't hurt anything but infantry.

   Lesson Three: Hold your infantry back to someplace where you can combine their attacks with something else. Like howitzers.

   Lesson Four: GEVs, or even LGEVs, once the Primary is out, are your best friends. Yes, a missile will take them out. But you should be able to maneuver so that you can zip in, shoot, and zip out, getting out of Secondary range.

  Plan for next time: More howitzers. Blast the treads. Combine to take out the Primary. Once it is immobilized, work over the Secondaries.

   Overall, I LOVE my Kickstarter 6th Ed. OGRE set. Finally. But I think it was maybe worth the wait.

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