Sunday, April 6, 2014

Grad School - 1, Gaming - Nil

And I think that pretty well explains what's been going on around my house. I have purchased some more Ogre Miniatures, both off eBay and from Warehouse 23. So I'll be needing to add some points to my "purchases". Spent about $100 all told. Have to double check before updating the expenses, too.

What am I, the gaming CPA?

Nope, just tired. The paper is going well, if you are interested in my schoolwork. It's an article on the process of school desegregation as seen in Galveston, Texas. Fairly interesting - far more interesting than I thought it would be when I began. Gobs of digging through old school board minutes. May 10th can not get here fast enough.

I promise I will finish the A to Z. Might post a D tomorrow if I take a break.

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Michael Awdry said...

Best of luck my good man, work is a necessary evil but the 10th May should prove cause for celebration.