Wednesday, April 16, 2014

LPL Rounds Two and Three!

  My Round 2 entry consisted of five Empress Miniatures Zulu Wars British figures. The title was Canal Patrol on Mars, or something similar. It lost, sadly. I think partly because the photo isn't the greatest, but a lot of it had to do with the other guy's entry telling a better story, as well. Painting skill wise, I thought we were fairly evenly matched. Dropped from #7 to #20 - I got my butt kicked, real hard.

"Blimey, sir, but it's 'ot out 'ere!"

  Round 3 was another winner for me. Some older  Warhammer Fantasy battle figures, circa the late 1990s if I remember correctly. Maybe as recent as the early 2000s though. At the end of Round 3, I am in 16th place. If I am forecasting properly, I believe I will lose this next round, and will probably drop to about 22-23 of 40.

Old School Bases - Green!

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