Wednesday, May 28, 2014

M is for Mecha...


   Mecha, the giant, often-bipedal high tech armored robots that many futures include as the ultimate war machine. Ever since I saw Robotech on TV as a kid, I have loved mecha. Battletech games added to the affliction. Gundam? Check! And so on, and so on...

   Now then, you may say that a 30+ foot tall bipedal robot is a ridiculous war machine. And in the real world, it probably is. Sure, it's all terrain capacity would be pretty high, but that silhouette! Since modern battlefields rely on evasion to protect from airstrikes, etc., how on Earth (or Mars, or Terra Nova, or where ever) do you expect this thing to survive?

   In response, I say: "Who cares? It's cool, it's fun, and we're playing a game. Just have fun with it!"

Shogun Warriors Toys: I had this one.

   Battletech is probably the biggest of the mecha games out there, so let me delve very briefly into non-15mm scale sci-fi. Personally, I like the old Robotech models best, what are called "Unseen" now. Here's a few from my own collection.

COM-2D Commando (x3) and an ASN-21 Assassin

PNT-9R Panther

   Another game that used giant mecha was Games Workshop's Epic system, including Adeptus Titanicus. Besides the various Titans (Imperator, Warlord, Reaver and Warhound) they also had a smaller mecha series, the Knights. Recently - in March 2014, I believe - Games Workshop released a Knight in 28mm scale for their Warhammer 40K game. It's big, it's expensive, and it is truly cool.


   As far as 15mm games go, 'mecha' usually translates into 'walker,' essentially a bigger, heavier power armour suit. Ion Age has a neat one, the Dux series. Rebel Minis has several varieties: HAMR, VPR, CAT, and URSA.

Rebel Minis VPRs (Vipers)

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